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"By far the best form of complementary medicine around: This provides
close to immediate and deep relaxation for both patients and caregivers."

A Cancer Center employee - DVD is played all day in their waiting room

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The Banana Tree

Thank you for clicking the arrow to view this preview the Banana Sky DVD. Insofar as the relaxation aspect of it, on the full DVD, the photos fade in an out for a smooth and comfortable transition.

Banana Sky DVD - Over 95 Photos with music in an "Endless Loop" of Beauty, presented by

photograph of Sheila Finkelstein
Inspirational Photography:

Sheila Finkelstein
Photograph Jeannie Fitzsimmons - Wind Poet cover
Healing Heart Music

Jeannie Fitzsimmons,
ASCAP Composer

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"I just got a chance to watch & listen to your preview. It wasSOOOOO wonderful! I have been having a hectic day, and it brought my chaos level way down to a manageable level. It made me want more! When I get home I am going to watch the DVD and thoroughly enjoy myself." PAULA BATTAGLIO

"I watched your DVD twice. It is stunningly beautiful ... and educational. It has inspired me." Marifran Kolb

"I watched Banana Sky last night. It's wonderful. I love the photos you've chosen. I love the music. The pictures are too lovely to miss." INA AMES

"I found it a lovely meditation... beautiful, interesting photos, wonderful color, graceful movement and rhythm... playful peek-a-boo findings... captivating interplay of light and shadow. I loved the "life cycle' of the banana plant and fruit... birth to death and transformation. And the music was certainly fitting." LINDA GIPSON

"An Endless Loop of Beauty," stated JEANNIE FITZSIMMONS, ASCAP Composer, after first experiencing the dissolving in and out of the photos and music together.

Hear what Jeannie said after watching BANANA SKY:

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"Very Peaceful and I need Peaceful." CAREGIVER to a spouse with Parkinson's Disease

"At last! And what a beautiful experience I had watching your new DVD on my TV. Very relaxing and inspiring. The photos, of course, are beautiful, and I really enjoyed the music, too. This would be a nice “tape” to run while meditating or trying to stretch and relax before bed.

I was astonished at the many parts of the banana plant, and particularly loved the tiny pink blooms all lined up like little piggies ready to suckle! I also appreciate the amazing sunset orange colors of the plant, and I like the shots where they are reaching, stretching up to that beautiful blue Florida sky!" Nancy Sellers

“The other day, I can say with reasonable certainty I had the closest thing to an emotional breakdown. After several incidents, I returned home and watched Banana sky. I saw majestic leaves ever reaching for the Light. The leaves breathed, moved, spiraled, fringed themselves, changed their shape, and every evolution was a magnificent expression... I saw “cocoon”-like leaves tight--reminding me of when I was not ready to face something or when I was closed. Then, as they gracefully surrendered to the perfect timing, they moved, morphed, opened and were exalted in their journey....

Oh, Sheila! What a precious and magnificent work, complete with the vibration of sound.... It was right on time and my life is made so much better by it. Thank you! ” Nori Slater, RN

"Ah! I finally had the chance to relax into your DVD and I am delighted to tell you the experience was divine! I found the entire experience to be very soothing and filled with peace. The visions of the beauty of nature and its miracles were truly magnificent." Debbie Friedman, Cleaning Out the Closet of the Mind, Inc. - www.CleaningOutTheCloset.com

Judith Schwab, Artist, wrote that BANANA SKY "centers" her for the day. Thus, she watches it every morning as she eats her breakfast. She continued:

Banana Sky
embodies the secret of life,
watching the leaf
with dew
the sky
with shade, with
a multitude of
green blue yellow
repetitions, studying the endless
variations, an intimate
connection with
life and nature
centering the spirit
for a day of peace
on earth internalizing
Banana Sky

©2007 Judith Schwab, www.JudithSchwab.com
with thanks to Sheila Finkelstein

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A dance
A rhythm
A strength
A presence

Dancing in the wind
Rhythmically leaves split and get lighter as they get larger
Blood red trunk
Rich and full the bottom is

Unfolding with power each of the leaves
from the center erect
then opening out majestically
to the right
the left
then slightly forward to us.
Where is backward?
Need to check.

©2006 Sheila Finkelstein

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Banana Sky- The DVD for Calm, Respite and Peace - Photography and Music only - No words to become between, or influence, your experience of the imagery.

Who Banana Sky DVD - Who are the Artists?

Sheila Finkelstein, www.sheilafinkelstein.com, has a passion for nature, and making a difference in people’s lives. A visionary artist, enthusiastic photographer, writer, and coach, she coaxes the extraordinary out of the ordinary. She delights in inspiring your creativity so you can experience life in fresh ways.

The Banana Sky DVD emerged from her fascination with the play of light, shadows and shapes as she watched the fast growth of a banana tree in her back yard. Later, as she viewed her photographs unfolding on her computer or TV, she noticed a distinct reduction of the stress and anxiety that resulted from taking care of her husband, who had Parkinson’s disease. She asked Jeannie Fitzsimmons to add her compelling music to the images on this DVD so others could relish the same peaceful, soothing experience. She may be contacted at sheila[at]bananaskydvd.com.

Jeannie Fitzsimmons, www.healingheartmusic.com, is an ASCAP multi- platinum songwriter, healing music composer, professional flutist and pianist. She plays Native American /Silver flute, and sings with an angelic voice. Dionne Warwick, ‘My Everlasting Love’ (produced by Barry Manilow), Anne Murray and Dottie West recorded her songs. Listen and experience her healing energy gently flowing through her music in soft, soothing instrumentals, nourishing one’s soul. A health and stress relief trainer of letting go for optimal wellness is a primary focus.

With her return to health using www.UltimateHealthWater.com she advocates prevention and restoring good health in all people regardless of age. A recent cancer survivor, she shares her Japanese medical water device for health and hydration, and her music with those who are doing the demanding work of elder-care, healing, raising children and those who need caregiving assistance…for relief of stress, peaceful calm within. Contact: 310-220-5088 in Los Angeles or GO TO: www.jeanniefitzsimmons.com

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