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See and Hear what Clients are saying:

Lisa Head Shot"Sheila drilled down to my most critical issues in a most insightful way, and as I started taking action, the pieces of my puzzle started falling together in the most elegant way.

Because of her loving, and focused approach to my situation, I have renewed courage in my professional life, and will soon be marrying the love of my life – the man of my dreams. My appreciation to her is also extended to how respectful she has been toward me…even when I felt a little out of sorts at times. She straightened me up masterfully! My improved performance and behaviors were also infectious to the people surrounding me, so I have had this investment returned multifold."

LISA SYRING , Consulting Recruiter, Thousand Oaks, CA


Click on the arrow to hear Patti Ulrich who had a job relocation decision to make. It involved her husband staying back until things were settled.

"The way that you could get me to think in a logical and rational way, given some irrational fears, the emotional based fears that I have. You were able to sort of pull me into thinking rationally...You saw that and kind of found that unique thing that I could do.

Also the way you helped me think about my husband and what he’s experiencing and how he is experiencing all of this, giving me an approach that would be a lot more positive for our relationship... keeping things rational and well thought out is a really great way of allaying fears, helping healing fears."

PATTI ULRICH, Minneapolis, MN


Marifran Korb

Click on the arrow to hear Marifran talk about getting clarity on going forward on her book.

ust by your questions, that were brilliant, I was restored as to knowing why I wanted to finish the book and am back in action."

"Breaking Through Concrete: The Gift of Having Mentally Ill Parents" has since been published. More recently, Marifran wrote:

"Sheila is a brilliant coach, gentle, kind and insightful... really getting down to the nitty gritty.  She targets what the issue is and you see what's underneath it. She is then able to suggest what's next."

Gratefully, MARIFRAN KORB ,


"After a session with Sheila, I opened my mind to asking my 5.75 year old more open ended questions about life and feelings and we had one of the best dinners we have ever had for 2 dinners in a row."  

She was so excited to talk with me and be with me in this new way [using their camera] ... to enrich our lives.  

Tonight as I laid her down to bed she said, "Mom, you are so loving. You are a great mom. Lately you have been even MORE loving." I said, really how? She said, you are just closer to me, I can feel that."

Thank you, Tracy L., Chicago


Ina Ames

"It was my pleasure to have Sheila Finkelstein as my Life Coach.  My project included three very distinct goals in very different areas of my life - my business, my spirituality, and a workshop... None of these areas were "simple" goals.  All were important to me but I hadn't taken the actions to make them happen.

Under Sheila's coaching, all three goals were accomplished.  Sheila mixes compassion with a firm stand.  Her ability to coach- to see the next actions or to get you to see the next actions - is incredible.  Her insight into human nature allowed me to see where I was stopped or stopping myself.  Her ability to see how to break down the tasks to accomplish the goal is also remarkable. 

When my workshop was not turning out the way I wanted, we stuck with it - much due to her stand... without interfering with my creative process.  The result was a brilliant workshop that created the results in the participants I had been struggling to create."

, CEO - Rim and Wheel Works - Waltham, MA,


"I am so, so thankful for your wisdom today. You literally pulled me out of the quicksand, set me on the bank and pointed me in the right direction and I am just so, so thankful.

It's been far more than I ever anticipated that I would have gotten from one session.  I became unstuck, which I would have been thankful for. But not only was I unstuck, I leave with a plan of action that I know where I’m going

You pointed me in a direction. Not only did you do that, you gave me a compass and suggested the way to go."

KATHY S, Scotland, getting past blocks in her career path


More on Life Coach, Sheila Finkelstein, Lens to Life Discovery :

photo of Sheila Finkelstein My mission in life is to support individuals in discovering, seeing, and acknowledging their own self-worth,
living their lives to their fullest capacity without the constraints of the limiting internal conversations with which we so often find ourselves.

The POLLYANNA book series was my favorite as a young child, often home sick in bed. Pollyanna's outlook in life, always finding the good in a situation, has been, often unbeknownst to me, the underlying theme in my life. The NANCY DREW series was my other favorite. Herein comes my passion for discovery!

Working together to discover the "stories" you keep telling yourself that hold you back, seeing them from new perspectives, and jointly creating action steps that move you forward are the basic part of the process during our working together.

The background of professional and richness of life experience I bring to client relationships includes that from the many shoes and hats I've worn:

artist, photographer, writer, coach, previously in sales and marketing, education and community leader, as well as daughter, wife, parent, grandparent and ultimately, former caregiver to my husband with Parkinson's Disease and lifetime student.

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