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Roses 8 days after Valenine's Day Photo Shoot

See PICTURE TO PONDER Volume 6 - Issue 7 :
Perfection in the Imperfections
for first photos and the story

pink rose center view - 8 days later


pink rose bud - 8 days old


pink rose 1 - 2nd view 8 days later


pink rose bud -  8 days after Valentine's day


pink rose 3 - 8 days after Valentine's Day


What people are saying about PICTURE TO PONDER:

"Sheila has a keen eye for what is being processed inside the photographer as well is in the frame. She is kind and creative. Ansel Adams said 'A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into.' Sheila looks deeply, and I am grateful for her insight and generous wisdom." Blaise Allen, Art Therapist/Poet/Writer/Photographer

"What your work does is to give people a menu of delectible, digestible, bite-sized morsels which may stimulate their appetite...and quite a statisfying meal it is!" Linda Gipson, RMT

You can have these experiences yourself in my ezine, book, and DVD all of which inspire transformation in how people see things in their inner and outer worlds. My photography and art products transform the environments in which they are placed.

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