Sheila Finkelstein photographic self-portrait

PSE6 for the Mac: Ready, Set, Go! - part 1
Sara Froelich, Instructor


Lessons 5 and 6

Red Onion Moved into Pan with Broccoli and White onions using Quick Selection Tool
red onion on black background
#1a - Cut red onion on a background I initially did not like

broccoli and onions in a pan
#1b - Broccoli and onions in a pan on the cook top

cut red onion on a natural smudge background
#1c - Onion on a different color background with smudge filter
red onion mixed with broccoli and onions in pan
#1d - Onion in pan with broccoli. I did not want distraction of range texture so I put it on grey background. Used lasso tool and couldn't
get the pan edges clean

Roseate Spoonbill Alterations using Lighting and Selection Brush Tools

roseate spoonbill at sunset
Roseate Spoonbill at Sunset - Photo with Flash not altered

spoonbill in reeds at sunset at Green Cay
Roseate Spoonbill in Plants - Levels were Adjusted

Spoonbill Lightened with Shadows/Highlights Filter

roseate spoonbill in new background.
Using Selection Brush Tool Spoonbill and plants taken out of original scene and placed
on plain blue background

Post-Sunset at Green Cay Wetlands - Used Shadows/Highlights for picture on right


Original Photo - Before Enhancement

gardenia on pink

"Extracted" Gardenia Lightened and positioned
differently than one on right. The vase became more clear and the flower lost intensity


gardenia on pink background

"Extracted Gardenia and Vase on Pink/Violette
Background with Filters : Plastic Wrap and
Sprayed Strokes

Creative Corner Exercises
"Snapshot" Images, using (paraphrased, as listed by Sara): "making a selection, adding a stroke to a selection thus adding a border to it, using Adjustment Layers, changing the hue/saturation/lightness,
and adding a layer style."

purple gallinue in Wakodahatchee Wetlands

wood stork on rail at Green Cay


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