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Success Series Workshop #2

Break Through Barriers
Create New Openings


Your Personal and Professional Life
through New Use of Your Eyes and a Digital Camera

A Full Day Powerful, Impactful
Experiential Workshop – Fun and Learning
designed to take you to the next level and beyond

Sunset through reeds

sunset at Green Cay opens up

Created and Facilitated by Sheila Finkelstein

Saturday, October 25, 2008

9:30 AM to 4:00 PM

at a location in Pompano/Fort Lauderdale To Be Announced

Class Size is LIMITED to 15 Participants - Register NOW


OPENing up Further to the Beauty in Your World
DISCOVERing the Unexpected
ESTABLISHing Connections
TRANSFORMing Stressful Moments & Communication

Workshop overview:
Experience being in your world in Expanded Ways.
Gain Comfort Using your Camera as a Tool.
Expand through Interactive Group Discussion.
Discover ways to Increase Creativity, Productivity, Enriched Communication.
Access to Out-of-the-Box Thinking and Action

Workshop Includes :
1.Warm-up Exercises

2. Presentation and discussion of unique photographic views of ordinary subjects

3. Trip in the field with camera and journal for participant picture taking and/or writing

4. Lunch and Discussion

5. Participants will each select 5 of their photos to be downloaded into a computer for group presentation and discussion on their discoveries

6. Wrap-up, including resources for future use in sharing photos and, for those who desire, in using the camera

Participants will leave with a renewed sense of vitality, energy and access to out-of-the box thinking and acting.

REQUIREMENTS: You bring the digital camera and an openness for discovery. We provide the rest, including lunch. 


With a passion for discovery, especially in her own visual and inner worlds, along with her never-ending desire to make a difference for others and they way they empower themselves and others, Sheila Finkelstein has found that a camera and writing provide that access.  She delights in bringing that access to you.


Participants in Through and From the Lens teleclass workshops, which uses teleconferencing and the Internet, and subscribers to PICTURE TO PONDER ezine have stated:


“What a great course.  I felt lit up, energized and revitalized.  ‘Inspiration’ is the word that comes to me.  I saw the whole world anew.  I also loved seeing the world through other people’s eyes.


I’ve been taking pictures since I was 9 years old.  In this course, for the first time, I started noticing how my energy shifted when I had a camera in my hand, how excited I got.  I was able to focus more.  The course assignments gave me a heightened awareness of how to look at things, noticing colors, textures and shapes I had never seen before.” Jodi Flesberg Lilly



"This changed the way I look at the world, as I became so much more aware about details. It intensified my awe for Nature's compositions. If you want to have an experience, that literally changes the way you look at objects, people, and the world in general, take this course".  Marion Froese, Germany




“A life changing experience which helped me to shift my way of thinking and what I am missing every day!   I notice my breath more, my interaction with other people, and my environment.  So much valuable information, I can continue to learn long after the class is over!” 

a year later – “When I was able to see how I looked at life differently, it made me more creative… Now when I look at my business, I start stepping back and look at other things differently.  It makes me more creative in all areas of my life. In order to be successful we need to step out of the box and be more creative.  It’s creativity that leads to success.”  Morgine Jurdan



“Actually, as I said, your photos inspired me to take photographs focusing on details and avoiding ugly buildings, fences etc. I live in a beautiful medieval city but the district my flat is situated is not so beautiful, so I decided to cut out the beauty out of urban ugliness. Instead of envying you that you live in that beautiful place in Florida  :) I decided to transform the reality I see into something beautiful.”  - Ewa Nartowska, Poland


“Not only have you pointed out an alternative to the State of Funk, but you opened a whole new world for me. The biggest effect is that I see 'ordinary' things in a heightened way.


While I did notice things before, it wasn't with the same depth of fascination and it wasn't with quite as many things. Now alert to the magic inherent everywhere, I see nuances. I'm sure I will continually discover more on this new Life of Joy. Thank you for your wisdom and generosity.” Marifran Korb



“Thank you Sheila once again, for your insight, thoughtful wisdom and gentle reminder to look deeper, softer and with kindness!” Cindy Stewart-Birdwell




“I SOOOOO appreciate you, your work, and who you are walking in the world!  As you connect with your sweet, beautiful, vulnerable, lovable and "unlovable" (ha ha) parts of yourself and are willing to share them OUT LOUD with your reflections in your Pictures to Ponder, I connect lovingly with those parts of myself too.  And so it is, that we are all so connected.  Thank you for your part in making that visible in such tangible ways.” Anne Smigelsky, Fort Collins, Colorado



“I continue to leverage your work in my own awakening and at times integrate it when working w/my clients. It helps me get grounded and learn my own lessons. From this place it provides me with another creative venue to invoke exploration with my clients.


I have emailed your website to other coaches as a potential tool to facilitate their coaching as well.”  Sam Trenka, Life Coach



"It is always a blessing to be invited to step outside of limited ways of perceiving and be open to a larger perspective.  It moves us out of stuck places and opens our hearts and minds to the lessons that are waiting for us, so very close, if we will take but a few steps in a different direction.


In a very gentle, visually stunning and loving way, you offer the opportunity for perceptual shifts that help foster growth.  Great stuff!” Paula Battaglio



“A regular thank you always due ... when you bring so much joy into my week.   Your photographs are always elegant and important ... and your reflections bring so much opportunity for personal thought and growth.


I am reminded this moment of a line from a Morgan Freeman movie in which he plays God... The lead character asks God to please give him courage and strength.  God says:  "I can't give you courage ... but I can give you the _opportunities_ in which to discover courage for yourself.


Your work, and who you are, give me always opportunities to grow and be in the world with greater depth.”  Carolyn Gabb



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